On January 24 2021, world-famous photographer Alec Soth will be giving a talk show live from the U.S. to Japan and Malaysia only. We would like to introduce our sister school, Nippon Photography Institute (NPI), which is hosting the talk show, and the appeal of photography.

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Nowadays, with the normalization of smart phones, photography has become more accessible and easy for us to take pictures. Taking pictures is a great way to show people, things, and scenery in an attractive way. It can also give you a lot of insight and help you see world in a different light. However, it is difficult to take a good picture unless you have a good understanding of light and composition and how to express yourself in photography. On the other hand, once you understand them, you will be able to take better pictures, even if they are taken by smart phones.

Under the educational philosophy of “Real Education,” NPI invites photographers who are active in the industry to serve as instructors, and introduces an integrated, practical curriculum that covers everything from basic photography to the acquisition of advanced professional skills. After graduation, many of them go on to become studio photographers, bridal photographers, and photo artists. We also have night classes, so you can go to school while you work, and we have accepted many international students so far. If you want to learn how to take better pictures, improve your own photography sense, or create your own work, take a look at the school’s website. Capture pictures to expand your senses!

Nippon Photography Institute/ https://npi.ac.jp/english/about.html

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