Two students from our sister schools in Tokyo and Kyushu won prizes in a contest held by the Japanese illustration magazine, “S”. We would like to introduce the winning work of the student from our Tokyo school. There are also comments from the artist, so why not use them as a reference for your own work?

[Yuuri Masuda (増田 優李)]
◇Theme and Concept
The theme was “Music,” and I aimed to create an illustration where music and light seemed to overflow from the screen.

◇Highlights and Points of Interest
I drew the background in detail to make it worth seeing. I also redrew the boy’s face lit up by the neon lights many times until I was satisfied.

◇Equipment and Software
MacBook Pro, Pen tablet (Wacom Intuos), Photoshop, CLIP STUDIO PAINT

◇Production Time
Total working time is about 20 hours.

◇Future Goals
I want to be able to draw more convincing illustrations! I will study to be able to express not only the atmosphere, but also the deeper aspects.