We are proud of them for winning the award! Continuing from the last post, this time we would like to introduce the award-winning works of students from the Kyushu school who won prizes in a contest held by the Japanese illustration magazine “S”. The total number of entries was over 1200. To win the Silver Prize is truly an amazing achievement.

[Man-nen mofuku (万年喪服)]

◇Theme and Concept
When I listened to a song by an artist I like, I had an intense inspiration of a girl dying in a lukewarm, cold, but somehow gentle world, so I illustrated it.

◇Highlights and Points of Interest
There are three points. First, the perspective. I’ve always hated drawing backgrounds, but I thought, “I want to draw the whole bathroom! So I used a fisheye perspective to create a realistic overhead composition.Second, the render of the water in the bathtub. I was conscious of the coldness of the water as if it were deep as the ocean. I enjoyed drawing the reflection of the candle.Third, the tiles on the wall. I had a hard time drawing the tiles to fit the perspective. I enjoyed adding reflective highlights to give the tiles a glossy look.

◇Equipment and Software

◇Production Time
It took me a week. I’m not sure how long it actually took, but I’d say about 35 hours… I’m not sure.

◇Future Goals
It’s been a little hard to draw these days because I’ve been so busy with my assignments, so I’d like to try my best to keep drawing as much as I can.