The culmination of the students’ efforts is here!
Our photography school in Tokyo is holding an online exhibition of graduation works until April 4.

▼Click here to see the exhibition

You can see the works of 15 seminars in the daytime and evening classes. The taste of each seminar’s work is different, and the composition of each person’s page is also different, so it should be quite a sight to see! You can also see the works of the winners of the Graduation Works Exhibition Awards held on March 6. This time, it is a special site for graduation works from photography schools, but people studying illustration and design may also find something useful about composition and lighting. Please check it out!

*It is in Japanese, but if you click on the thumbnails in the seminar, you can see the students’ works. Please use your browser’s auto-translation function if you find a piece that interests you. We hope you can enjoy the exhibition, despite the language barrier. Please note that the site will be unavailable after April 4. Share the site with your friends so that they can enjoy it as well.