Parum, a comic illustration student from our Kyushu school made her debut as an illustrator for the series “#男女の友情は成立する?(いや、しないっ!!)” (Is male-female friendship possible? (No, it doesn’t!)) published by Dengeki Bunko (#電撃文庫).

She is in charge of all the character designs, cover illustrations, and illustration inserts.

In addition to illustrating the second and third book in the series, she will also be doing illustrations for “#町人Aは悪役令嬢をどうしても救いたい” (Machinist A really wants to save the villainous daughter) series for Earth Star Novel (#アース・スターノベル). 

Making her debut while still in her student years is a great accomplishment, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her!

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