Ouyang Yuqiong, a student of our Interior Design course at our Tokyo School, won the top prize in a Japanese design competition! (#主張する「みせ」学生デザインコンペ) The purpose of this competition is to look at the trends in the commercial facility industry and to promote the improvement and development of commercial facility technology for a new era. In addition to raising the interest of young people in commercial facilities, the competition is expected to produce proposals that are full of rich sensibilities of young people in the commercial facility industry.Congratulations! We are very proud of them for winning the award!

[欧陽 玉瓊 Ouyang Yuqiong]
◇Theme and Concept
Plant Growth Room
◇Production Time
One month

*The following article is in Japanese, so please use your browser’s auto-translation function to read it.In the Interior Design course, students learn a wide range of interior design skills while developing their sensibilities as designers.

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