Hello fellow artists! Have you started on your entries for the ‘NDS Manga Illustration Grand Prix’? If you haven’t started, don’t fret as we’ll be sharing great tips for making artwork! For our first tip post, we’re sharing on ‘How To Make Your Work Stand Out’! In a competition, making your artwork stand out, especially to the judges, is key to winning the contest.

You can also try out these tips even when not entering a competition to improve your skills in becoming a great artist!If you haven’t heard or want to know more about the ‘NDS Manga Illustration Grand Prix 2021’, click on the link below for the application guidelines. Please read the application guidelines carefully before submitting your work.

▼Click here for application guidelines.

The contest will be accepting entries until 31 August 2021 so there is still ample time to submit your entries. This contest is also co-sponsored by Japanese creative companies and there’s also great prizes to be won!We look forward to seeing your amazing artworks!