Draw your dreams! The illustrator, Maki Ashiya(#芦屋マキ), and manga artist, Emi Ishikawa(#いしかわえみ), is here to give words of encouragement to the applicants for the Grand Prix! Both of them are graduates of our school and are active artists even after graduation. Take a look at their message along with the works of the high school students who won the Grand Prix last year.

<Maki Ashiya>
I believe that illustrations have the power to transcend the barriers of the world. Please use that power to create your work! I’m looking forward to seeing it.

<Emi Ishikawa>
I think it’s important to have the desire to draw. Please cherish that feeling and do your best!

It’s a waste to draw illustrations and manga and leave them as they are. Why don’t you test your skills in this Grand Prix?

Please read the application guidelines carefully before submitting your work.
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