Receive Artistic Feedback from NDS Pros!
How is everyone’s progress for the NDS Manga Illustration Grand Prix?

The submission date is on 31st August so you still have time to spare. If you are still unsure about your piece, we have a special offer just for you! Here’s your chance to receive artistic feedback from our professional lecturers in Japan who will evaluate your artwork and give feedback on how to further improve it. You can send in your illustration or manga, completed or WIP, for our lecturers to see. For illustrations, feedback will focus on composition, colour usage and effect. For manga, feedback will touch upon effective dialogue and panel divisions. This is a wonderful chance to improve your artwork and skill right before submission ends, so don’t miss out!

▼Click here for to apply for the feedback:
(Until 9 August 2021)

▼Details on NDS Manga Illustration Grand Prix 2021:

We look forward to seeing your pieces for the NDS Manga Illustration Grand Prix 2021!