At our sister school in Tokyo, we held a special lesson by Yoichi Takahashi, a manga artist which is famous for drawing “Captain Tsubasa” as an event to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Peru’s Independence Day that we have also broadcasted live to Peru.

“Captain Tsubasa” is very popular in Peru because many people have participated in the event. It was a very valuable opportunity as the online event are able to connect 2 countries together between Japan and Peru.

We were able to hear about the episodes of when Takahashi started drawing Captain Tsubasa”, the story behind the birth of the character, and also the story setting itself.

“It is important to work hard toward what you are aiming for and what you are aiming for. First, find small goals and clear them one by one to get closer to realizing your big dream. Reading manga is also possible. Whether you’re watching a movie or talking to your classmates, everything will help you. Be curious, absorb a lot of things, and send your creativity to the world. ” -Quote by Yoichi Takahashi

The work of “Captain Tsubasa” also depicts the main characters pushing forward in life with the motto of “hold on to your dreams and work hard for it.” This is one of the wishes that Professor Takahashi wants to conveys and that is the wonder of having dreams and hopes to children all over the world through his works.

This lecture has helped NDS students that were studying manga, illustration, and design to develop their creativity and to also know the values ​​that will be needed for production in the future.