At the “JAGDA International Student Poster Award 2021” sponsored by the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA), NDS students won the gold and bronze award! Furthermore, 7 people and 9 works were selected as winning works too!

The “JAGDA International Student Poster Award” was established with the aim of discovering and commending outstanding young talents around the world and also the new development and evolution of graphic design. The poster, which expresses freely by fusing images and texts, has an instant power that moves people’s hearts and enables visual communication that transcends countries and regions. This hope to create a better understanding of each other and to also share international issues through the meaning of posters.

The award winners will be presented with a certificate and some commemorative gifts as well as display in exhibition and publication annual catalogs.
JAGDA will be holding an exhibition from 24 NOV – 6 DEC 2021 at the National Art Center, Tokyo so feel free to come and see it~

Gold Award


Concept: The theme of “MOVE” was expressed by drawing the figure of a butterfly that escaped from the binding. In the form of an illustration, I depicted a butterfly desperately struggling and escaping by drawing the wing fragments and traces left in the center of the butterfly specimen. I expressed “MOVE” of the butterfly’s foot scraping for it’s freedom.

Highlights: I don’t want to directly draw the movement of the butterfly when it struggles, but I drew it after its moving and running away. It gives people a space of imagination, and the butterflies naturally imagine “MOVE” as freedom.

Future goals: My goal is to make use of what I have learned so far and play an active role as a graphic designer. Challenge various jobs, broaden your horizons, and see problems from various angles. I want to make something interesting and create a unique work that catches the eye of people.