At the “JAGDA International Student Poster Award 2021” sponsored by the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA), NDS students won the gold and bronze award! Furthermore, 7 people and 9 works were selected as winning works too!

The poster are created to aim to develop and also expand the next generations of graphic design. The award winners will be presented with a certificate and some commemorative gifts.
JAGDA will be holding an exhibition from 24 NOV – 6 DEC 2021 at the National Art Center, Tokyo. The prize winner’s arts are also displayed at JISPA Instagram page!
You can also check their website as well so feel free to look at it~

Web page:

Bronze Award


Title: A little chance

Concept: “With a little chance, everything that was ready is ruined. You can get out of the predicament with a little chance.” When I found out about the theme, I came up with the idea of wanting to create a work that expresses “destroying the existing peace” and “tendency.”

Highlights: Analog expression method. I made each round piece of paper by punching holes in it one by one. Following the advice given by the teacher, I arranged the letters “MOVE” so that they could not be read clearly. By repeating trial and error, the clips have been devised in various ways so that the word “MOVE” can be assembled.

Future goals: To be a professional designer.