The event theme is “Move” and each designs that are submitted are expressed by the theme and used in their own artworks.
The first poster as you can see is an illustration of a butterfly and a peony flower that is designed in a modern art style. The motif behind that designs is a traditional Japanese card game called Hanafuda. The butterfly in that image has used the theme to symbolize the movement in the image.
All the award-winning artworks from the contest will be complied as a collection works in a graphic design magazine and it will also be sold to the public.

You can also check their website as well so feel free to look at it~

Web page:

These are the runner-up winners at the JAGDA event! Even though they didn’t get the gold winner award, they still manage to enter as the contest runner-ups.
Congratulations to all the students that have participated in the event! We hope that by entering this event, you can learn more about how designs can give a great impact on the world and also level up your designing skills.
We wish to see many of you participating in next year events as well~