We would like to thank everyone for coming to the LELM@2022 event! During the event, participants get to learn how to take photos of foods like fruits and bread to make them look more alluring and appetizing. The participants also got a chance to learn to take photos using the backlight that provided to the photos they took look interesting and 3 dimensional. After that, the participants posted their photos on Instagram to get some feedback from Oku Sensei.

We hope everyone had a blast and get to learn a few tips and tricks on taking a few nice photos. We hope you can use these tips to boost your popularity on your social media. Other than the photo itself, it is also important in using the #hashtags in any social media as it will make others discover your post easily.

◆What is LELM@2022?◆
This year is the 40th anniversary of the Look East Policy. From now on, we want to learn a lot from Malaysia, and we want to work in the spirit of “Look East Look Malaysia”. LELM also stands for “Love East Love Malaysia”. “@” is a symbol of “Exchanges through the uses of various internet tools and with the interactivity of the internet age”. With this belief in mind, NDS collaborates with many different companies and organizations to provide fun classes for Malaysian children throughout the year.