The winners are as follows. Congratulations to all our winners!

【Grand Prix】mano mouth

【Grand Prix Runner-Up】Mayu Kuroda

【LEP Special Award】はた(Hata)

【Japan Award】琴:(Koto)

【Malaysia Award】xinru

【Encourage Prize】ひな田(Hinata), 幽霊(Yurei), アマツカ(Amatsuka), Ng Xiao Yew, Masumi Ishihara, Ayana Saito

This time, we present the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Runner-Up works. A total of 190 entries from Japan and Malaysia were submitted to this contest, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Look East Policy. We would like to thank everyone who submitted the entries.

The winners were selected by a rigorous panel of Japanese and Malaysian manga artists and illustrators, including Japanese manga artist Machiko Satonaka, who is also “President of the Japan Cartoonists Association” and “Super advisor to NDS”.

Winners will receive a DM from us soon regarding their prizes so please keep an eye out. If your work wasn’t chosen, don’t worry as we’ll see you in the next contest! We’ll be holding a colouring contest soon, so stay tuned!

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