To commemorate the LEP 40th, NDS held the Manga Illustration Contest on the theme of ‘Malaysia and Japan’. After rigorous judging, 11 winners were selected. We introduce the Encourage Prize-winning works and judge’s comments!

“I’ll introduce you!” Masumi Ishihara

[Comment from NDS Malaysia lecturer Kevin]

I like this work very much. The hope and happiness of two countries with different cultures are harmonised and expressed in heart-fluttering colours.

The layout is also harmonious with a good balance of multicultural design elements.

The interweaving of pencil and watercolour creates a familiar yet heart-warming impression.

We hope that the viewers of this work will find it heart-warming. Thank you for submitting your work!

“Malaysia and Japan” Amatsuka

[Comment from NDS lecturer Aya Osuwa]

This single-page picture has a narrative quality and beautiful use of colours.

If I had a wish, I would have liked a bit more of a fashionable atmosphere, so it would have been better if there were some clothes scattered on the carpet.

“Cute Style Traditional” Ayana Saito

[Comment from manga artist Machiko Satonaka]

I can feel the enthusiasm of the drawings. It is very individualistic, and each time I look at it, I discover something new.

I think the placement of the items was thought through many times before being decided. This is an example of how hard work can be persuasive.