Thank you for participating, everyone!!

We would like to thank everyone for participating in our LELM@2022 5th event! We hope you get a brief insight into what manga artists use and some of the methods they use to create their artwork.

In the event, everyone got a chance to learn a part of the Japanese manga culture such as the usage of Kakeami, how to use a G-pen, etc. Other than receiving gifts from our sponsors, they can bring back home the G-pen nib as a souvenir from NDS Malaysia.

After the workshop, participants will know the differences between hatching, kakeami and tsuyabeta. Other than using a G-pen, participants get to use a brush pen to colour the hair. Compare to using a G-pen, a brush pen is harder to control due to the brush stroke size.

NDS will be holding more events every month, and we are looking forward to everyone joining us in the future. Please do remember that most of our events have limited seating so it is best to apply early.

Please come and join us again soon!