Under the slogan "+ Japan," we aim to fuse Malaysian and Japanese culture.
We organize projects and events that will surprise you with WOW.

WOW! Japan at your fingertips

We are the closest Japanese creative college to Malaysians. We have many opportunities to interact with students from our sister schools in Japan. Let’s make Japanese friends!

WOW! A remote video system connecting Japan and Malaysia

Japan and Malaysia are about 5,000km apart. However, with the use of the latest technology, we can communicate with students in Japan at any time. We also plan to use this system to host online classes from Japan.

WOW! Lessons with Japanese Lecturers

Our college has not only Malaysian lecturers but also Japanese lecturers. If you have any questions or problems in your production, you can consult them immediately.

WOW! Your work will be exhibited in Japan.

You have the opportunity to have your work exhibited in Japan. This is a great opportunity to develop your work by having it seen by many Japanese people.

WOW! Employment and debut support

We help you to find a job in Japan as well as in Malaysian companies. We will help you to find a job by providing you with Japanese-style job-hunting strategies.

WOW! Study tours to Japan

Study tour to Japan. Students will have the opportunity to meet students from Japanese schools and visit tourist attractions. You will fall in love with Japan even more.
※This will be a project after the convergence of Covid-19.