We hold a special workshop that is aimed at promoting further friendship and exchanges between Japan and Malaysia.

Look East Policy 40th

This year marks the anniversary of the Look East Policy 40years. We will connect Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Malaysia to create a unique place a young people from Japan and Malaysia to interact.

What is “LELM@2022”

The Look East Policy was Malaysia's way of following Japan's example in 1982. But from now on, Japan needs to follow Malaysia's example. @ represents an interactive exchange in the age of the internet. We have named the project LELM@2022.

Supporting Company

We collaborate with many different companies and organizations to provide fun classes for Malaysian children throughout the year.

The first event (19/02/2022)
Let’s paint with Acrylic Paint!

Using paints allows the children to experience design processing that even children who have never touched art can do.

They will color the drawing paper with motif line drawings of animals and insects with various design techniques and finally pasted the finished work on a large-sized paper with an illustration of a tree to complete it.

We will continue to provide a place for children who will lead the future of Malaysia to learn for free and let them experience their creativity.

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The second event (19/03/2022)
Take Instagrammable photos with a smartphone!

Japanese pro photographers was giving participants some tips and tricks on taking amazing photos just by using their handphones.

The participants got a chance to learn to take photos using the backlight that provided to the photos they took look interesting and 3 dimensional. After that, the participants posted their photos on Instagram to get some feedback from Oku Sensei.

We hope everyone had a blast and get to learn a few tips and tricks on taking a few nice photos!

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