Our 7 Strengths

Under the slogan "+ Japan," we aim to fuse Malaysian and Japanese culture together.

【1】Classes by japanese teachers and famous Malaysian creators

NDS has connected many Japanese teachers with famous creators in Malaysia. We will be inviting top-notch teachers from our sister schools in Japan to Malaysia to offer classes that are not available at other schools.

【2】Pre-Recorded archive Digital Lessons Bank

When you enroll, you will have access to archived classes at our sister school (the classes you can watch vary by course). Because it is video, you can watch it over and over again and learn at your own pace.

【3】Real time online classroom that run by a lecturer in Japan

Classes will be held in Japan and in real time. The classes are held in real time with Japan. Also, since it's in real time, you can ask questions on the spot.

【4】Special workshops & seminars

Special performances by Japanese and Malaysian creators will be held periodically. This is a very valuable opportunity to learn about the latest knowledge and techniques in the field.

【5】Internship in japan & field trip to Japan

We are planning an internship and study tour to Japan. In the study trip, students will have the opportunity to visit companies and interact with students from our sister school.
You can experience things that you can't experience on a normal trip to Japan.

【6】Opportunities to DEBUT as an Artists

Utilizing our sister school connections, we support those who wish to debut in manga. If you want to make your debut in Japan, this is a must see for you.

【7】Future studies to Japan

We support those who want to study in Japan in the future. If you want to study in Japan after studying in Malaysia, you can study at our sister school.