NDS Malaysia has many supporters and connections. 


– Principal / Nippon Designers School Tokyo

Congratulations on the opening of Nippon Designers School Malaysia. I am happy that we have a new fellow school in Malaysia joining us. When I first visited Malaysia it was about 50 years ago, I had the opportunity to walk around the area from Johor to Kuantan. At that time, I saw Malaysia’s beautiful sky color, meet kind people, and also ate delicious foods. Everything was impressive to me, and it is a very nostalgic and precious memory. One of the things that I have learned on that trip was the word “Unity in diversity”. This word is normal for Malaysian people but as a Japanese, it was the first time. This “Unity in diversity” is an important keyword in the world of design. Design is a job where you are consists of adjusting things There are many elements and many conflicting elements that are implemented such as the story design, the elements that are prioritized the order of arrangements, and also the assembly of the elements that are put together one by one. This is the essence of the word “Unity in diversity”. I have also heard that the Malaysian school will be teaching Japanese culture studies. Japanese design tends to create a whole artwork while harmonizing and integrating various elements rather than using strong colors. This is also known as an adjustment-oriented type that specialized in harmony. Based on Malaysian culture that is focused on colorful and bright colors, by adding the characteristics of Japanese culture learned at school, you can create a more original design that can be incorporated in Asia in the future of the design world. I sincerely hope and support this Nippon Designers Malaysia school to become a school that can help the future of Malaysia in the field of design.Congratulations on the opening of the school. Terima kasih banyak-banyak. 


– Principal / Nippon Designers School Kyushu

Congratulations on the opening of Nippon Designers School Malaysia College. A glorious future full of great possibilities has begun. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the country of Malaysia and all the people who have contributed so much to the opening of the school. The students who are about to start their studies possess limitless potential. Please believe in yourselves and best of luck to you all.


– Chairperson of the Selection Committee, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan International MANGA Award
– Executive Director, the Japan Cartoonists Association(Manga Japan)
– Representative, the NPO Asian MANGA Summit Administrating Authority JAPAN

MANGA is like a movie that was made by one person. “The author’s intentions and thoughts” are expressed in every scene of the story, scenarios, character designs, background, frame divisions, composition, that is displayed in every corner of the screen. There is a quote which is “world that only you can draw”. It would be great if the character you created could give hope to someone who is in desperate times somewhere in the world. So try taking on the challenge of “manga making”.


– CEO / Silver Ant Sdn. bhd.

Passion is not all that makes a good animator, it needs in-depth guidance from a professional, especially one who comes from the industry itself. This is to ensure that the various methods of carrying out tasks are explained and narrowed to just a few that are proven and effective –– at the industrial level. Only then the passion comes as a large range of bonuses to ensure a consistent learning to become a great animator. In NDS, every class is conducted by the industry player, fully and thoroughly, with a strong Japanese culture of ethics and discipline. The learning outcome is far more than a mere academic success, but to train someone to be a knowledgeable, talented and respectful individual as a whole. Whether it is a series or films, it always takes more than one skill to make a good masterpiece of an animation work. A solid set of skills that came from various expertise in a team with great skill, discipline and dedication are the key of every success to achieve a good result of work. Skill, Dedication and Discipline are what made NDS, NDS.


– Founder of Zenshin Agency & Creative Studio Chairman of Malaysia
– CC(International Comic Conference) Board Advisory of Nippon Designers School Malaysia College
– President of Malaysia Comiker Union
– President of Malaysia ICC

Malaysia comics have never had a formal training environment. Cartoonists have accumulated drawing skills through self-study or imitating the comic styles of other countries, and then derived their own styles. In order to meet the needs of the current global comics market, we need to A more complete and rigorous comic training system. Nippon Designers School Malaysia College open in Malaysia, and brought Japanese comic training materials and systems to Malaysia. This is great news for our comic industry. We hope to combine the advantages of Japan and Malaysia to jointly cultivate more The talent of comics allows Malaysia comics to go to a higher level.

JAPAN / Manga Artist
Manga is wonderful things. The way to be good at drawing is to draw anything. The more you draw, the better you get.

JAPAN / Manga Artist
As an aspiring creator or artist, you have a wonderful future ahead of you. Work hard to meet that future you. 

JAPAN / Manga Artist
Drawing manga is fun. Do your best and keep drawing manga.

JAPAN / Manga Artist
Being a manga artist is a very hard but very interesting job. Please connect the whole world with your manga.

JAPAN / Manga Artist
Japanese manga artist is paying attention to manga from around the world. Among them, I sincerely hope that young Malaysians will love manga and the love will become manga and reach people around the world.

JAPAN / Manga Artist
As an aspiring creator or artist, you have a The more manga you draw, the better you get.I hope you draw a lot and improve.

JAPAN / Manga Artist
As an aspiring creator or artist, you have a Manga is my life itself. I hope that you too will inspire your readers with your manga.

JAPAN / Manga Researcher
Manga is a medium that allows for a wide range of expression. Learn a lot at this school and have fun making manga.

JAPAN / Manga Artist
The Malaysian college is a school where you can learn about many different cultures and designs. I hope we can work together in the future.

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