Get a Job in Malaysia

Supported by the President of Malaysia Cartoonists Association

Employment support by partner companies

Internship programmes in local and foreign creative companies

If you want to

Get a Job in Japan

Employment consultation by the staff of Tokyo/Kyushu school

Workplace tour

Corporate seminar by a major Japanese publishing editor

Our Graduates Manga Illustration

Gamon Sakurai

Yu Shiroya

Mami Tsumura


Emi Ishikawa



Lemon Natsume

Maki Ashiya

Rin Nadeshiko

Our Graduates 3D ANIMATION

Career Support

We support students at every stage of their careers. Through face-to-face support, we bring out the best in our students (their interests, values, and abilities) and help them to choose a career that is right for them and to get a job offer.

How to write a CV

How to create a portfolio of your work

Practice interviews

Our Supporters

NDS Malaysia has many supporters and connections with creators from Malaysia, Japan, China, Korea, and many other countries.

If you want to

Study Abroad in Japan

Directly experience Japanese creativity and culture

Feel the creative stimulation in Tokyo and Fukuoka, each with its own charm

Corporate seminar by a major Japanese publishing editor

Graphic design / Illustration Visual design / Interior design Manga / Comic illustration

Commercial Photography / Fashion Photography / Documentary Photography / Art Photography

Graphic design / Illustration Games / Interior design Photography/ Accessories Manga / Comic illustration