We support students who are looking for a job in Japan as well as in Malaysia.

Career Support

We support students at every stage of their careers. Through face-to-face support, we bring out the best in our students (their interests, values, and abilities) and help them to choose a career that is right for them and to get a job offer.
・How to write a CV
・How to create a portfolio of your work
・Practice interviews

TOKYO COLLEGE Career Support

In some industries, there are not enough young people to take over, so they are actively recruiting workers from abroad. In some industries, there is a shortage of young people to take over. There are many opportunities to work for Japanese companies. Our career center will teach you how to write your CV and how to take an interview so that you can fulfill your dream of working for a Japanese company.


Some international students who have worked in Japanese companies for more than five years have returned to their home countries to apply the knowledge, skills, and hospitality (service) they acquired at Japanese companies. It is up to you to become like these international students. We are looking forward to meeting you in Japan. First of all, good luck with your studies in Malaysia.


For on-campus company orientations, we have cooperated with many companies ranging from specialized to general industries, and we have a track record of more than 50 company orientations every year. After the orientation, we provide various contents such as discussions with recruiters and active graduates, portfolio reviews to support students to firmly prepare for company research and employment.


To everyone at the Malaysian school, if you would like to find a job in Japan, please feel free to consult with us. We will do our best to support you, such as introducing job offers and relaying information! And above all, the point is to be confident in your work and continue to draw many works. There are also senior international students who are actively working in Japan, so let’s do our best.

-Supporter Company -
Collega Inc.

Collega Inc. - founded in 2013 in the heart of Tokyo, is an agency specialized in the creative industry. We bridge clients to creatives, and also provide career counseling to illustrators, graphic designers, manga artists, motion graphic/video-editing artists.

Message from Collega

Thank you for following your dream, and taking an interest in the study of manga, design, and illustration in Malaysia. As a student, take initiative to explore, experiment, and imagine with creativity while learning the basic techniques skills. For career counseling and job seeking in the Japanese market, please feel free to get in touch with me. I look forward to seeing you in Japan.