2 years and 8 months
(N/214/4/0227)01/27(MQA/PA 15200)12/26


In this department, students will develop their creative abilities through manga and illustration production based on the know-how of the manga department of NDS, which has a long history in Japan. With a practical curriculum that incorporates the cultures of both Japan and Malaysia, we aim to develop creators that can work locally and internationally

Course Syllabus

Manga Illustration / Character Design / Background Illustration / Colour Theory / Still Life and Figure Drawing / Game Design / Novelty Goods Design

Career Opportunities

Manga Artist / Manga Artist Assistant / Illustrator / Character designer / Animator /
Novelty Goods Designer / 2D Game Designer / Concept Artist

Special Lecturer

Member of the Japan Cartoonists Association.
Lecturer at Nippon Designer School Tokyo for over 20 years.
Specializes in works rich in humour and satire.
Recipient of the Manga Time New Face Award and Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest Award.

Education that embodies imagination through manga output

In addition to drawing illustrations, students will focus on specialized methods on how to incorporate new imagination into manga, and learn about story making and manga composition.

Digital drawing techniques adapted for various media

Based on digital drawing methods adapted for different formats, we aim to develop human resources that are practical in various industries by learning basic graphic software operations.

With a globalised curriculum, Japan and Malaysia

To cultivate a multi-faceted perspective, there will be lectures as well as on-site training with the help of our partner companies and creators from Japan and Malaysia.

■ Equipment
・Latest digital devices, eg. LCD tablets from Japan
・Analog drawing equipment, eg. lightbox
・Student Support Center
・Counseling room

■ Events & Services
・ Employment consultation in both Japan and Malaysia
・ Proactive guidance for submitting works to international competitions
・ Portfolio reviews by manga publishers
・ Creator/artist lectures
・ Online student exchange meeting with sister schools
・ Study trip to Japan *Changes may occur due to special conditions