Diploma in 3D ANIMATION

2 years and 8 months


By understanding the needs of the progressive animation industry, NDS Malaysia nurtures talents through storytelling that is grounded in both technological and artistic skills. Students are trained with a broad skill set in the animation production, thereafter they will choose to develop their portfolio according to their specialised career pathways.

Career Opportunities

3D Generalist / 3D Modeller / 3D Animator / Character FX Artist / VFX Artist / Simulation Artist
The opportunities open to graduates of the program is not limited by the industry of their study choice. Whether it may be the animation, games or visual effects industry, students are groomed to showcase the necessary abilities and aptitude required for the industry.

Industry-based curriculum

The entire course structure was a collaborative effort between NDS Malaysia with one of Malaysia’s top pioneer studio in 3D animation. By developing the course structure along side the needed talents in the industry, the collaboration identified talent gaps and skill sets that is much needed in education.

Industry-focus output

Project base learning is used as an instructional approach in the program to acquire deep knowledge and skills. By engaging projects around challenges and problems that students would face in the real world, knowledge becomes a consequence of experience.

Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Besides the sharing of knowledge through partners and academics in Japan and Malaysia to enhance the learning experience, the program focus on working with others as a real world adoption in classrooms. This includes with students in the Manga and Illustration major as well as explored opportunities with the industry.

■ Equipment
・Latest digital devices, eg. LCD tablets from Japan
・Analog drawing equipment, eg. lightbox
・Student Support Center
・Counseling room

■ Events & Services
・ Employment consultation in both Japan and Malaysia
・ Creator/artist lectures
・ Online student exchange meeting with sister schools
・ Study trip to Japan *Changes may occur due to special conditions