The course is 2 years 7 months

For now, we do not offer any part-time courses

All the lessons are taught in English but we have lessons that are taught by a Japanese lecturer. We also have online classes from Japan as well.

For the school fee, please contact us directly or email us for more details:

Yes, you can. We will teach students basic drawing and help them to improve their drawing skills from beginner level.

We do not provide PTPTN

Each class lasts three hours. This may seem like a long time, but the time flies by in practical classes.

Yes, we do. We are planning to have a one-day trial class.

We will be holding open campuses regularly during weekends, so please feel free to make an appointment with us.

NDS is the FIRST Japanese college here in Malaysia. With a background history of over 50 years in Tokyo and Fukuoka, we have finally opened a school here in Malaysia. We offer a Japanese-style education, but the classes will be conducted in English so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

Unlike other schools, at NDS you can study manga and illustration at the same time. The school is also based on Japanese creative education, so you can learn Japanese style manga and illustration. Furthermore, you can always interact with Japanese teachers and students in real time using our system to connect with our sister schools in Japan.

In the classroom, students learn skills that will enable them to get jobs in illustration, manga and games. With the support of our partners, students can increase their chances of finding a job in these fields by working hard.

The interview questions will be different every time depending on the student’s documentation but don’t worry as the questions we asked won’t be difficult.

There are several avenues available. One is to join a manga production company. Alternatively, you can use the internet or other means to publish your own work. Our courses have partnerships with several manga companies, so it is possible to have your work seen by them. There are also classes on how to make use of the internet.

Japanese manga publishers currently hold many contests. The first step is to enter them and win an award. Our school is planning to organise critique sessions from time to time in cooperation with Japanese manga publishers.

If you would like to work in Japan, you will be very well supported by our sister schools in Tokyo and Fukuoka. Our Career Centre, which has connections with many companies, offers job counselling sessions and students can attend company seminars with the editors of major Japanese publishing houses. In addition, there will be opportunities to visit creative companies in Japan.

There are many shops and restaurants nearby as it is inside Sunway Geo shopping mall. There is also a groceries shop called Jaya Grocer nearby.